If communication is a lever for democratization of the public in order to make the heritage inclusive and collaborative, what are the mechanisms of mediation allowing greater diversification and development of the participatory cultural practice? Is the multi-faceted system expected by audiences feasible for all cultural actors? If not, what are the strategies to circumvent it and nevertheless propose innovations in reception and mediation? After a global health crisis, this day was an opportunity to discuss these new approaches to mediation devices in the form of round tables and a visit to the Museum of Shirts and Masculine Elegance.

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As part of the travelling seminar Essential in 2022-2023 coordinated since 2019 by the DRAC with its partners, 90 people participated on March 28, 2023 in Argenton-sur-Creuse in the exchange day Lhe new challenges of mediation. 27 speakers from all over France (art schools, museums, archaeology, cities of art and history, performing venues etc.) responded to the invitation of the community of communes Eguzon Argenton Vallée de la Creuse, the CNFPT and the Ministry of Culture.

Cultural and scientific transmission has become the driving force behind the transformation of access to heritage. For example, the mission report Museums of the XXIe century reminds that Many teams, even extremely small, show virtuosity. The actions they take, the partnerships they establish, illustrate the plasticity of the museum form and its ability to cope with most situations. In situ, outside the walls, dematerialised, the hybridization of proposals, programmes and mediations transforms the relationship of the public to the offer» (mission report Museums of the XXIe century2017, p. 32).

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Is there a culture of partnership in the field of mediation? How does transversality become progressively cooperative and the soil on which the projects of the mediation services will take root, what consideration of the territories, the expectations of the inhabitants? The reception and development of audiences are now at the heart of the circular economy, which offers them new opportunities; how do cultural institutions approach this societal shift? The skills of mediators also require training to discover tools, question practices and expand networks.

To support the animation of cultural networks in Centre-Val de Loire are proposed 3 working groups open to the inter-regional and focused on 2 priorities:

- Mapping actors (regulation, sociology);

- Identify existing arrangements, encourage co-production of projects;

Job (status, training, missions)

- professional mapping: status, recruitment method

- Promotion of trades, promotion of vocations;

- Initial and continuing training, transfer of skills, for example: medico-social

- Validation of regional cultural projects by bringing together elected officials and other employers;

Resels solidarity

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- monitoring of topicality and inter-disciplinary research, for example: exemplary projects

- Cooperation, exchange platform (scientific and cultural project of territory, examples: general statements, newsletter, directory, co-productions, forum

- Support mechanisms: assessment and new proposals;

- value the “invisible” professionals who provide the local public service

Sociology of the public/ sustainable and citizen culture

- Surveys (improve service offerings in a collaborative culture);

- universal accessibility (cultural rights)

- Digital uses;

- early childhood

- territories of action: unifying events involving the living forces of the territory, example: transversal and inclusive subjects

- work with artists

Upcoming appointments in 2023-24

- Oct 20 : in the framework of the national meetings of the ANACT (national association of archaeologists of local authorities) in Chartres (28), Archaeology/Museum Interaction Roundtable

- November 16, Véron Ecomuseum, Savigny-en-Véron (37): China Landscape Observatory

- 7 December, European Conservatory of Soil Samples, Orléans la Source (45): Heritage the soil: research and transmission

- March 2024 (date to be confirmed), military schools in Bourges (18): Heritage weapons: acquisition, management, dissemination

- June 2024 (date and location to be confirmed) : Risk prevention in heritage buildings