What are the public policy issues for the French language coordinated by the Ministère de la Culture (DGLFLF)? In what way does our language allow us to make society? What are the citizens' stakes? How does it adapt to the evolution of the contemporary world? What dialogue between French and other languages, in France and in the world?

Discover, in less than 2 minutes, the policy in favour of the French language and other languages, detailed in the new Report to Parliament on the French language!

A renewed language policy, to be found in the Report to Parliament on the French Language 2023

 The new edition of the Report to Parliament paints a true and vivid picture of the situation of the French language in France and around the world. Through analyses, statistics, interviews and expert testimony, it sheds light on the major issues of our time.

How is French, the language of the Republic, a guarantee of social cohesion?  What actions in the territories for the mastery of the language? What evolutions of the language to tell the contemporary world? How innovation and language technologies make French an asset of digital sovereignty? And what challenges today for the promotion of French and the Francophonie, in Europe and in the world?

 Our language is one of the most precious assets we have to share. Let us continue to promote it, spread it and make it vibrate!