The Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France publishes a revised and expanded edition of the Vocabulaire de la chimie et des matériaux, first published in 2007: 582 terms and definitions concerning new concepts, many of which had no French designation.

This Chemistry and materials vocabulary covers more than thirty years of work that allows us to observe the evolution of an innovative applied science, linking molecular biology, crystallography, physics, space science, nanosciences, all disciplines that profoundly modify the manufacture of materials and the construction of everyday objects.

Throughout the year, the new terms and definitions developed by the French language enrichment scheme are, once validated by the Académie française, published in Official journal and made available to all on the site FranceTerm. Using these French terms and expressions, and using the clear and precise definitions that accompany them, teachers, translators, Industrialists and specialists allow the wider public to better understand often complex innovations that tend to remain vague until they have received French equivalents.

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Chemistry and Materials Vocabulary (2018)

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