The museum, renovated, expanded, redesigned and accessible, will find, after three years of work, its public for an inaugural and festive weekend on April 15 and 16, 2023.

A major renovation


Installed in the former episcopal palace built in the XVIIe The Goya Museum underwent major renovation work and a complete overhaul of the museum route.
This beautiful project, with the support of the State, by the city of Castres, Joëlle Arches, curator of museums, and his team, was entrusted to the architectural firm Letellier and the museum agency Saluces-Camargo

The doubling of exhibition surfaces will allow a remarkable collection of art to be displayed over 1,500 m². A better accessibility to the building thanks to the installation of a lift and a lift, as well as a new presentation of the works are the assets of this museum with exceptional collections.

The only French museum dedicated to Francisco de Goya and Spain

Unique and unique, the collection of the Goya Museum is the only one in France to be entirely devoted to the art of the Iberian Peninsula, from Antiquity to the present day, thanks to a most dynamic acquisition policy, promoted by the State through the Regional Museum Acquisition and Deposit Fund.

Installation oeuvre, musée Goya, Castres
Collection, musée Goya, Castres

The public will be able to find, among the masterpieces of the museum, the three major works of the Aragonese master, The Junta of the Philippines, theSelf-portrait with glasses and the Portrait of Francisco del Mazo, as well as all his engravings presented by rolling.

Other artists, no less important as Velázquez, Murillo, Goya, Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Tapiés, Barcelo and many others, are also part of the tour.

The State as the main financial partner

The renovation, expansion, transformation and museography of the Goya Museum were closely monitored by the Drac’s historic monuments and museums departments, and financially supported by the State to the tune of nearly 2,210,000 euros: technical upgrading of the building, including renovation of the roofs and façades, accessibility and energy renovation; museographic development; aid for the acquisition and restoration of works.

This amount represents half of the grants obtained.

Programming for all

Numerous events, meetings, shows, conferences, visits, workshops and workshops will mark this year’s reopening.

Highlights of the year

A rich program of temporary exhibitions and events will create a dialogue with the collection, discover the work of many artists, past and present, and multiply the approaches around the works.

Opening exhibition: Miró in the spotlight

The reopening of the museum will be accompanied by the presentation of the exhibition "Miró. Homage to Gaudí. Space and color", from April 15 to June 4, 2023. For the first time, the complete Gaudí engraved series, a remarkable set of 21 engravings acquired by the museum between 2003 and 2022, will be unveiled.
This poetic and colourful series allows us to appreciate Miró’s late work in the field of engraving, but also to explore the links that have united these two great Catalan artists, Joan Miró and Antoni Gaudí, both symbols of Barcelona.

Tribute to Pablo Picasso for the 50th anniversary of his death

The Goya Museum joins the international program of the "Celebration Picasso 1973 - 2023" which will mark, on April 8, the 50e anniversary of the disappearance of the Spanish artist. This event, led by France and Spain, brings together fifty exhibitions from around the world, twelve of which will be organized in France (Paris, Antibes, Biot, Lyon and Castres).
Organized with the exceptional support of the National Picasso-Paris Museum, the Louvre Museum and the National Library of France, the exhibition "Goya dans l'œil de Picasso" will be presented in Castres from June 30 to 1er october 2023. Through a selection of graphic works, she will explore the lands shared by the two artists, and more particularly the influence that Goya could exert on Picasso’s production.

Invitation to the artists of Casa Velázquez de Madrid

Bound by a partnership agreement, the Goya de Castres Museum and the Casa de Velázquez de Madrid initiate a series of exhibitions entitled "Écho(s)", thought as an invitation to one or more artists of the Académie de France in Madrid, in a dialogue with the works of the Goya Museum collection.
The first edition, which will take place from October 20, 2023 to February 20, 2024, will present the work of three artists resident at Casa in 2021 – 2022: Eve Malherbe, Arnaud Rochard and Najah Albukai.

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