The next conference of the Mardis de la Drac will take place on Tuesday 29 November at 6pm with the theme, Statues-menhirs and the end of the Neolithic in Occitania, by Philippe Galant, engineer of studies at the regional service of archaeology at the Drac.

Menhir statues and the end of the Neolithic period in Occitania



Few archaeological remains allow to understand the spiritual universe of the Neolithic populations. Statues-menhirs are among these rarities, because their careful study partially reveals ancient beliefs and their place in these societies.

The statues-menhirs are carved stones, then erected, representing a human being. They also bear representations of physical attributes characteristic of the face and body, as well as clothing elements and objects.

Recent discoveries have made it possible to situate them in their environment, to propose a new overview of the knowledge acquired through the research, and to better understand the message they conveyed, in late Neolithic societies in Europe and Occitania.




Works from the Duo collection will be distributed during each session.

The conferences start at 6 pm and are free of charge, subject to availability.

Drac Occitanie
Hotel de Grave
5, rue Salle l’Évêque
34000 Montpellier

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The next conference

  • 20 December
    Grave Hotel. From the Episcopal Palace to Cultural Affairs
    Jean-Louis Vayssettes, Honorary Research Engineer, Drac Occitanie
    Hélène Palouzié, Head of Mission Publications and Scientific Enhancement, Drac Occitanie

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