Monday, November 28 at 6 pm at the Palais des Congrès Jean Balladur de la Grande-Motte, station labeled Remarkable Contemporary Architecture by the Drac Occitanie in 2010, the City Hall and Tourist Office present in preview the work, La Grande-Motte heritage of the twentieth century, by Gilles Ragot (augmented edition of L'Odyssée créative).

20th century heritage

There was only a swamp, mosquitoes, an inhospitable landscape, before a talented young architect, Jean Balladur, invented a modern seaside utopia: the resort of La Grande Motte, out of the sands from 1964.

Half a century later, in 2010, the city received the Heritage of the 20th century label. Thus, it took the retreat of history to overcome the first decades of misunderstanding, sarcasm and controversy, and finally to recognize the exceptional quality of its urban planning, architecture and landscaping.

Gilles Ragot, art historian and specialist in contemporary architecture, retraces this visionary adventure and makes us discover a city thought as a total work of art that renews the resort genre. Today, everyone, inhabitant, summer student or lover of architecture, will find in this work that reads like an «architectural novel» the keys to understand the importance of La Grande Motte in the development of the coast of Languedoc-Roussillon, but also in the history of architecture.

The Creative Odyssey

Julie Daurel, journalist, and Nicolas Millet, photographer, are the age of La Grande Motte and discovered it in 2010. With the intuition that such a singular city could only be imagined by unusual builders, they manage to bring together several of the protagonists of the first hour, architects, landscapers, artists. Their interviews and informal discussions tell of this great adventure of their youth and sometimes of their whole life: the birth of a city.

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Work presented on Monday 28 November 18h at the Palais des Congrès Jean Balladur de la Grande-Motte, in the presence of authors Gilles Ragot, Julie Daurel and Nicolas Millet.

Unpublished testimonies and discussions will precede the dedication of the book and will be followed by a cocktail.