The annual brochures presenting the heritage acquisitions supported, downloadable on this page, present the heritage acquisitions made by the territorial libraries with the assistance of the State in 2020 and 2021.

These acquisitions have been assisted under one of two schemes:

  • the device “Heritage Acquisitions and Restorations of National Interest” (ARPIN), which concerns documents whose characteristics, seniority, rarity or origin confer national heritage value;
  • joint state grants (at the level of the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorates) on a par with the regional councils, in certain French regions: Regional Library Restoration and Acquisition Funds (FRRAB) that financially support heritage acquisitions by territorial libraries. The FRRAB thus contribute to the enrichment of existing collections with heritage documents and accompany the constitution and development of local and regional collections of these libraries, in accordance with their acquisition policy.

List of Annual Brochures Presenting Assisted Heritage Acquisitions: