Funded by the Ministry of Culture, l'Onda encourages the dissemination of live performance works that are part of a contemporary creative process concerned with artistic requirements. ONDA is hosting a meeting on ultramarine creation on December 1, 2022 at the Carreau du Temple.


ONDA’s field of intervention covers all fields, theatre, dance, music (contemporary and improvised), circus, puppetry, public space; whether these works are created in France or abroad; whether they are intended for adults or for children and youth.

To carry out its missions, Onda runs a vast network in France, Europe and abroad, organizes meetings of artistic exchanges or reflection, advises programmers in their artistic choices, accompanies the artistic teams in their dissemination strategy, financially supports the circulation of shows on the national territory and conducts studies and observations in connection with the creation of works (production and dissemination).

The meeting on December 1 will highlight ultramarine creation:

9h30: greeting

10am: project presentations of 8 artistic teams with

  • the actress and slammer Myriam Baldus and the director Géraldine Benichou (cie Théâtre du Grabuge) - Guadeloupe;
  • the circassian Virginie Le Flaouter and the circassian Vincent Maillot (cie Cirons flex) - The Meeting;
  • the pianist, singer and composer Maher Beauroy - Martinique;
  • the storyteller, actor and author Sergio Grondin (cie Karanbolaz) - Reunion ;
  • the photographer Cédrick-Isham Calvados - Guadeloupe;
  • the choreographer and dancer Djodjo Kazadi (cie Kazyadanse) - Mayotte ;
  • the choreographer and dancer Jean-Hugues Miredin (cie Art&Fact ) - Martinique;
  •   the author and director Berekia Yergeau (OTEP) - Guyana;

2.30pm: Presentation of the guide and mobility schemes for artists and professionals
ultramarine e s

  • Guide to Financing the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Focus on Overseas Territories - Marie Le Sourd, Secretary General and Katie Watts, Research and Publications Coordinator, On the Move
  • ONDES, residency program for ultramarine artists - Bénédicte Alliot, Director, Cité internationale des arts
  • Archipelago.EU - Madina Régnault, Project Manager, Institut Français
  • Tour aids/ Programmer mobility/ Meetings - Régis Plaud, Councillor, Onda
  • FEAC Arts Exchange Fund - Bruno Le Bouquin, Chargé de Mission Culture, Direction Générale des Outre-Mer, Ministry of Overseas Affairs, and Marco Marchetti, Chargé de Mission, Department of Territories, Ministry of Culture
  • devices - Pierrette Betto, adviser to the Directorate-General in charge of the action territorial, National Music Centre

3:45pm: reflection workshops, followed by a restitution time
“What do you need to better structure, cooperate, disseminate?”

18h30: round table «Another look at the plurality of bodies»
moderated by the philosopher and specialist in postcolonial studies Seloua Luste Boulbina



Follow the whole day on the Carreau du Temple YouTube channel