CSPLA creates a specialized committee on metavers chaired by Me Jean Martin

Historically linked to science fiction and more recently to video games, metavers (contraction of «meta» and «universe») is now at the heart of the investment strategies of many digital companies and is one of the subjects of attention of public authorities.

While most sectors of the cultural industries are already involved, all are destined to be involved in the short or medium term: music, cinema, audiovisual, performing arts, graphic arts, etc. and represents a real issue of cultural sovereignty, as emphasized by the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, in her speech at the 7th edition of "Think Culture", on September 6, 2022. This issue was highlighted in the report submitted last October by the “metavers exploratory mission”[1].

Given the great continuity between the real world and the virtual world, the metavers, as a multivalent space of creation, production and exploitation, notably as a vector of communication to the public, is likely to involve intellectual property rights.

In this context, Olivier Japiot, President of the Conseil supérieur de la propriété littéraire et artistique (CSPLA), entrusted to Jean Martin, honorary member of the CSPLA, author of a recent report on NFT,[2] a mission to carry out a synthesis of the state of the art and to analyse the impact of this technology on literary and artistic property in order, In particular, to identify any difficulties of application and to recommend any adaptations which may prove necessary. It will be assisted by Mr. Nicolas Jau, auditor to the Council of State, as rapporteur.

In order to prepare the final report whose conclusions and recommendations will be presented in plenary session in July 2023, a specialized internal committee of CSPLA members will meet before, in a second time, to continue the reflection on this subject with the main actors of the metaverse.

[1] https://www.vie-publique.fr/rapport/286878-mission-exploratoire-sur-les-metavers

[2] https://www.culture.gouv.fr/Thematiques/Propriete-litteraire-et-artistique/Conseil-superieur-de-la-propriete-litteraire-et-artistique/Travaux-publications/Missions/Mission-du-CSPLA-sur-les-jetons-non-fongibles-JNF-ou-NFT-en-anglais

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