The Council carried out the work they had agreed to at its installation meeting on 11 May 2001 over two half-years.

This work focused mainly on the adaptations that should be made to intellectual property law in the digital age. This has been reflected in the work of three specialised committees devoted respectively to the creation of private-law employee authors, to that of public officials and to the implementation of a common window in the collective management of rights.

With this in mind, the CSPLA also looked at ways of transposing the Directive on certain copyright and related rights in the Information Society.

As a consultative body, the CSPLA has also taken an interest in various adaptations that literary and artistic property law could undergo in order to remove certain obstacles with penalizing consequences, particularly for authors. In this context, an opinion was delivered, on a proposal from the Committee on the Subject, on the field of remuneration for private copying, while various contributions were presented respectively on the implementation of Article L 212-7 of the Intellectual Property Code 1 (which now provides in its last paragraph that for contracts entered into before 1 January 1986 for the production of an audiovisual work, the right to remuneration of performing artists lapses upon their death) and the state of the law and the procedures in respect of counterfeiting and piracy.

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CSPLA Activity Report 2001-2002

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