For the 2022/2023 season, members of the International Network for the Translation and Distribution of Francophone Drama Texts Contxto have selected eight new Francophone drama texts that will be translated into English or Spanish and broadcast in the various partner regions with a view to to be created.

Choice of supported texts

To determine the choice of supported texts, Contxto draws on selections made by independent bodies, composed of professionals representative of the theatrical landscape:

  • the Commission nationale de l'Aide à la création dramatique,
  • the jury of the Grand Prizes for Dramatic Literature
  • expert committees of contributing members, partners and associates.

Once a year, ARTCENA submits this pool of texts to the vote of French institutes abroad, which adapt their selections of plays to the context of their country and their artistic orientations.

The list of winners 2022/2023

Translation into English:

  • The Irremovable by Sèdjro Giovanni Houansou (Tapuscrit/Open Theatre edition)
  • Sisters by Marine Bachelot Nguyen, Penda Diouf, Karima El Kharraze (Quartett Editions)

Translation to Spanish:

  • Cathedral of pigs Jean d'Amérique (Editions Théâtrales)
  • I’m lost by Guillermo Pisani (Esse que éditions)
  • The End of the beginning of Solal Bouloudnine
  • My Favorite Color by Ronan Chéneau (Les Solitaires Intempestifs)
  • The response of men by Tiphaine Raffier (Avant-scène Théâtre)
  • Penguin (love speech) by Sarah Carré (Editions Théâtrales)

The Contxto device

Contxto was created by Artcena, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Institute and SACD. The objective of this device is to promote the translation of texts by French-speaking authors, their dissemination and their creation in the world.
Contxto has been coordinated by Artcena since 2018 as part of its missions to support dramatic writings. In this capacity, Artcena is responsible in particular for designing tools for the knowledge of authors translated into the foreign language, as well as promoting and developing the network.