This fundamental methodological document, aimed at helping museum professionals in France to draft or redesign their Scientific and Cultural Project (PSC), was updated in depth in April 2020. The full version can be downloaded in pdf format at the bottom of this page.

What is the Scientific and Cultural Project of a Museum of France?

It’s a steering tool

A Scientific and Cultural Project (CSP) is the first operational and strategic document that defines the museum’s identity and orientations.
He is a common reference for the museum team and guardianship: he engages both on the future of the institution.
If it is a conceptual document that brings a vision of the institution’s history and evolution (its collections, its public policy, the transformation of the service into a broader administrative framework, etc.) it is no less an operational document which must account for the actions to be carried out in the short and medium terms, as well as the means accompanying it. In addition, if no mission of the museum is to be neglected, the CSP is selective in its proposals and must priorities.
This articulation between an institution that develops the PSC (a scientific and administrative team) and a trusteeship that validates the project and accompanies it is the key to the success and implementation of the project.

It is a shared and ownership document

Because it defines the museum’s policy, the PSC is a document made to be shared with all the actors (team of the museum, elected, programmiste, etc.), ato ensure that everyone has a full knowledge of the issues and perspectives in order to take action in the global strategy predefined in this stock document.
As a governance tool, it is essential that trusteeship be associated with it in the same way, since it constitutes a roadmap of the museum’s scientific and cultural actions, determined in coherence with the broader public policy framework. This shared understanding is a lever for everyone to get involved in its implementation.
The museum’s management team and its head of institution are driving this process.

It’s a review and a project

If the PSC is a forward-looking document, it is based on an inventory and history: it cannot ignore the sometimes ancient past of the museum institution, also its collection, how this structure has evolved in its organization and in its personnel. The taking into account this long time is important when the institution drafts its first CSP The following versions will build on this initial work.
However, the CSP is not only this exercise of observation, but must open up real prospects. In the case of planned changes (renovation, extension, statutory change, donation or major transformation of the collection) this dimension is easy to integrate; it is just as important, even if the moment of its writing is not dictated by a transformation of the museum.
Decision Support Tool, it must help the tutelage to project the future life of the institution and propose evolutions.

It is a legal and mandatory document

Article L441-2 of the French Heritage Code makes the PSC mandatory for any museum in France, the granting of a State grant to a project for the construction, extension or redevelopment of a museum in France is also subject to the prior validation of this document (Art. D. 442-15).

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