The Académie nationale des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Bordeaux has awarded Alix Audurier-Cros, professor emeritus in architecture, PhD in geography, the 2022 Arts Prize for "The work of the Garros in Occitanie (1860-1930) - The influence of a Bordeaux architects agency ", work of the Duo collection that she realized with Dominique Galibenc and Olivier Liardet. The Drac is especially honored with this award.

The Academy has been awarding prizes since its inception in 1712. These prizes cover all fields: sciences, letters and arts. They distinguish between persons, works, theses, societies or associations. For this year 2022, the Academy has awarded 27 prizes, which reward 18 books including 7 collectives, 2 theses, 7 personalities.