Dear Serge ToubianaMesdames and Gentlemen,

100 years ago Jean-Pierre Philippe Salomons was born, a dazzling offspring
a family of artists and stage lovers. Ten years ago, the
Jean-Pierre Aumont left us.

Double anniversary for this radiant and seductive figure of cinema,
who was also a hero of Free France and the struggle against the occupier.
The one who had turned with Cocteau, Carné, Duvivier, the one who
the poster of mythical films such as The Infernal Machine (1934), Maria
Chapdelaine (1934) or Hôtel du Nord (1938), the one who shot with
Madeleine Barrault or Jean Gabin, had an international career too
unknown. He was handsome, attractive, seductive: every girl born before
1920 place Jean-Pierre Aumont in his loving pantheon, beside
Danièle Darrieux, the other “fiancée” of the cinema. He
with the share of dream and mythology that
surround them.

Before playing in 1973 a flamboyant seducer, play boy of the old
school», in this American Night in the form of an accomplice and
as a tribute to cinema, his life as an actor is that of a long day
American made of theatrical filming tours with Gene Kelly,
Jack Conway or Spencer Tracy. His career on both sides of
the Atlantic signs the tragic existence at the same time as the
radiance of this actor who had everything from a gentleman crossing life
with heroism without seeming to touch it, without completely believing it.

Like Fritz Lang, who had left a Europe under Nazi rule and
racial politics, one who was a committed resistance fighter and a fighter of the
Liberty, found the path of creation in the land of Jefferson, which he rubbed
in 1994 – the irony of the story – in a film by James Ivory alongside
Nick Nolte. The most American of French seducers knew how to play the roles
determined and optimistic young people. He was also able to translate the
melancholy tinged with fun, camping the cardinal of Rohan in the Si
Versailles was counted on me by Guitry. He was also a star of the small
screen, from the Knights of Heaven in the 60s to the Count of Monte-
Cristo de Josée Dayan, more recently. The one who was Prince Charming
film» was also a wonderful actor of maturity, past icon
to eternal charm, in the films he shot with Boisset, Lelouch or
Chabrol. After creating the role in the theatre (1976), he was «the son»,
so charming and so melancholic, in whole days in
the trees of Marguerite Duras,

His personality and company were exquisite, all of kindness
detached, polite, distinguished reserve. A star never goes out
never: it spreads its halo of light and its aura in the long time of
the life of an artist. The one who frequented Gene Kelly, Hedy Lamarr or Vivian
Leigh was a translation of the American dream. He was also the expression of
the magnetic power of the screen and cinema of the Golden Age, the one that
forged stars and stars to which the actor Jean de la Lune (1931)
– his first film – was almost predestined.