Dear Madeleine Malraux,Prime Minister,Ministers,Presidents and Directors,Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear Friends,

First, I want to tell you, dear Madeleine, how much I appreciated the quality of
silence that accompanied and followed the magnificent recital that you gave us on
pleasure to give us. The quality of silence is, of course, the very place where
as in transparency the depth of an aesthetic emotion, be it
readings or concerts. I wanted to thank you for these moments of grace and
tell you my admiration for your sensitivity, but also agility and imagination
that inspire your interpretations and reveal a youth
truly exceptional mind and heart. The music becomes under your fingers a
pure moment of youth. The eclectic and poetic program you have
chosen is in the image of this delicacy at once playful, profound and mysterious.
I believe the term “fantasy” – both the musical genre and the quality of
character, with its reference to the imagination and its freedom - is perfectly suited to
your journey through a century of musical and human adventures.
These graded notes made me feel like a journey, an evocation of
this existence so rich in emotions, encounters and successes, like
encrypted and unspeakable memories offered to your listeners, your Antimemorials to you

I find there the unique and subtle way that has always been yours to enchant the
myth to better approach it and those side paths on which you us
drive give us the impression of glimpsing another André Malraux, the one whose
you were the wife and the Muse. That of the villa of Boulogne where you had
used to play him a few pages of albums by his composers of
predilection, while he was writing or classifying his photographs, at the time, by
example, where he composed the Psychology of Art, which he dedicated to you. Our
imagination is carried by your fantasies.

The music is good, to paraphrase the immense writer, the «Voice of silence», and
maybe a bit of a “Mirror of Limbo”.

Bach and Chopin (whose bicentennial you celebrate in your own way),
the Russian composers you recorded with this almost feline grace that
characterizes your game, Claude Debussy (who knew well the one who was your
piano teacher at the Conservatoire, Marguerite Long), without forgetting the tenderness
of your dear Erik Satie, author of the Trois Morceaux en forme de
Pear and bureaucratic Sonatine… which I assure you the rhythm can
become quite obsessive… all these musicians offer us some views on
these "chosen landscapes" of your secret garden and a true "art de vivre",
indissociable from art. I find an echo of the tasty original drawings
André Malraux’s Wacky Universe of which you have opened some

It would be presumptuous to say that I receive you here in my lands,
because these salons are yours, because this ministry is and remains that of Andrew
Malraux. He was the founder, he carries his mark forever and he
is and will always be carried by his energy and example. This
house is yours as well of course as an artist and I want to say that
your agreements took over earlier, in the magical sense
of this term.

It is for this very magic that you have bestowed upon you,
dear Madeleine Malraux, that we have the immense pleasure and the very
on behalf of the President of the Republic and in
under the powers vested in us, Officer in the order of
Legion of Honour.