Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Werner Schroeter

I am deeply moved by the disappearance so brutal and
Werner Schroeter. He was a huge filmmaker, a
new German wave but also a
man of absolute theatre, one of those German artists who know
so wonderfully, so intimately, to bestow their love of opera,
camera and boards to give us images
unforgettable Maria Callas or Maria Malibran.
He was an authentic artist, a man who thought his art and who
asked us burning, essential questions about death, the
religion, morality. He passionately loved France and had done
turn Carole Bouquet and Isabelle Huppert into women’s roles
as he alone knew how to weave them: fragile, rebellious, heroic.
No one will forget his masterful «Palermo», Golden Bear in Berlin in
1980, a masterpiece of realism where the tremendous potential of
metamorphosis of this tormented and majestic filmmaker.