Decree No. 2022-1424 of 10 November 2022 specifies the conditions for the application of the tax credit for publishing musical works created by the Finance Act for 2022.

The purpose of the Music Publishing Tax Credit (METC) is to support investments in the music publishing sector. It allows companies to benefit, subject to conditions, from a tax credit corresponding to 15% (increased to 30% for SMEs) of the expenses incurred to support the creation of musical works and to promote the development of the repertoire of new talent. 

This new tax measure, the result of a long work conducted by the Ministry of Culture in connection with the music publishing sector, will be operated by the National Music Centre. It complements the tax credits intended for phonographic producers and producers of live performances already managed by the establishment and thus allows it to strengthen its support of music professions in their investments.  

Music publishing companies wishing to benefit from this tax system must submit their application for provisional and final approval, both issued by the President of the National Music Centre, using the available forms on the NJC website.