In order to support the Ariège municipalities in the preservation of their movable heritage, the Occitanie Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs is deploying the Collectif Objets: a digital service to facilitate their exchanges with the conservators of Antiquities and Objects of Art of the department.


Until December 6, 2022, the municipalities of Ariège are invited to list, on the website Collectif Objets, objects protected under the title of historical monuments preserved in their territory. Rich of this information, the curators of Antiquities and Objects of Art (CAOA) will then be able to establish a diagnosis and contact local elected officials to guide them in their projects of valorization, restoration and security.

This participatory campaign aims to facilitate the relations between the communes owners of protected objects and the CAOA who can accompany them in the preservation of this national heritage.

Ariège is home to 4,841 historic monuments

From the bed of Henry IV, to the castle of Pailhès, to the chalices and statues of the Virgin and the Child scattered in the rural churches, the communes of the Ariège house more than 4,800 objects protected as historical monuments (inscribed or classified).

The municipalities own and are responsible for most of these objects which are an integral part of the Ariège heritage and which forge the cultural identity of this department.

Unfortunately, for lack of time, means or simply ignorance, they are too often threatened by oblivion, degradation or even stolen…

A new service to facilitate dialogue between local owners and curators


To remedy this situation and support the municipalities in the preservation of this movable heritage, the Ministry of Culture launches a participatory census campaign.

Until 6 December 2022, the owner municipalities are invited to list the historical monuments on the dedicated website Objects Collective, check their presence, check their condition (using a questionnaire) and photograph them.

Based on this information, the Curators of Antiquities and Works of Art will contact the participating municipalities directly to guide them in the protection and enhancement of their heritage.

To combat theft and degradation, the role of local elected officials is essential.

Fifteen participatory census campaigns already underway throughout France

Since the launch of Collectif Objets, some 15 participatory census campaigns have been conducted throughout France - more than 6,000 protected objects registered and 700 municipalities participating!

In Occitania, the Hautes-Pyrénées have already taken part in this census, and the departments of Gers and Haute-Garonne will be next.

Everyone can contribute by contacting their municipality to help with the participatory census.

If you represent a municipality in Ariège that you wish to participate but you have not received an e-mail inviting you to take part in this census, you can contact us at:

Questions? Your contact at the Ministry of Culture:
Romuald Goudeseune, Curator of Historical Monuments

An initiative led by beta.gouv, the digital utilities incubator programme

This initiative is supported by theDigital workshop, the incubator of the Ministry of Culture under the program In the regions, it is relayed and monitored by the historical monuments curators responsible for coordinating the CAOA missions.
The objective is to respond to practical problems identified by field agents and to support them in the construction of digital services that can provide solutions.

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