As part of the programme - New Worlds - initiated by the Ministry of Culture, on 2 and 3 December at the Belvedere Hotel in Cerbère, the creation of César Vayssié will be unveiled in public - Ricorda ti che è un film comico.

Ricorda ti che è un film comico

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This event is a show and a film that are built simultaneously in public. The film is seen later while the memory of the show is latent. A polymorphic work where the experience of the living and the filmed coincide in a common and opposite gesture.

Five young artists create a show and we witness the creation of the creation. Alix Boillot, Noémie Develay-Ressiguier, Ferdinand Vayssié, Théodora Marcadé and Gaël Sall are more or less themselves, they interpret a danced fable on contemporary cruelty where it is imperative to overcome catastrophe and art.

At the junction of us and self, pathetic and emotional, casually, with Beethoven and existential vertigo. A metaphysical story of depression and enjoyment under the Italian title, on the Spanish border in the Hotel du Belvédère in Cerbère.

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Yes, as the guardian of the gates of hell. We must remember that it is funny

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New worlds

As part of the Recovery Plan, the Government wanted to devote €30 million to a programme to support the design and implementation of artistic projects, which will pay particular attention to young creators.  

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