Artistic and cultural projects with territorial anchorage, festivals can receive financial assistance from the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Burgundy-Franche-Comté. Grant applications are open and close on March 15, 2023.



One-off assistance, which can be mobilised at most twice.
It’s a one-time grant or a project grant. It shall support a specific action or a component of specific actions within the framework of a project.

(This applies, for example, to funding important artistic collaborations or funding exceptional programs.)

A three-year grant: renewable for 3 years.
It helps to structure the festival by contributing to the support of all its artistic and cultural activities and its functioning.
It is a three-year, multi-year agreement (OPC) with concrete and measurable objectives.

(Example: support for a structuring festival allowing the presence of an aesthetic or a discipline little represented within the territory concerned.)

A transversal aid.
In a transition process whatever its nature, it applies to the artistic, cultural and/or institutional project.
The priority for 2023 is to support positive actions related to sustainable development, gender equality and the fight against gender and sexual violence.


Applications are not automatically eligible for grants. The aid is part of a co-financing approach: the promoter of the project is required to receive at least another public funding. Each territorially competent decentralized service is responsible for the examination and follow-up of applications according to the established procedures.




Before applying for a grant, find out about the eligibility and ineligibility criteria by clicking HERE
 The festival must meet three main criteria:

  • programming of artistic works and creations offered mainly by professionals;
  • a defined duration and recurrence over time, whether annual, biennial, etc.;
  • a territorial anchor.

To be eligible for aid, the festival must meet the eligibility criteria and contribute at least two themes in each of the following areas:

  • artistic;
  • cooperation and structuring of professional streams;
  • territorial registration;
  • accessibility and openness to the public.




All festival organizers in the field of artistic creation can apply for funding. However, they must meet the eligibility requirements set by the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the “Principles of State Commitment to Festivals”.

The grant is paid by the DRAC. The DRAC establishes its timetable and procedures for the examination and selection of applications.
Applications are submitted online only and before 15 March 2023, 23:59 (Paris time). No file can be considered after this date.
The date of the results will be announced on the DRAC website.


Find out what to include in your application and start the process.