The DRAC and the Pays de Chantonnay have contractualized around various mechanisms: opening of a micro-madness, signing of a local contract of arts and cultural education and a contract territory reading.

These arrangements have been coordinated in order to enable the State and the community to give significant support to the development of culture. The axes chosen for each of the devices intersect and will be coordinated in their implementation.

Inauguration of the Micro-Folie du Pays de Chantonnay

A micro-madness is a place dedicated to art and arts and cultural education. It offers content based on an interactive and playful digital museum that brings together thousands of works of art from many national and international museums and institutions, digitized in high definition.

With free access to all, the Micro-Folie is composed of a virtual reality space, a game library and a space of conviviality. In addition, a cultural mediator will be recruited under a VTA contract (Territorial Volunteers of the Administration).

The Micro-Foundation will also be part of the community’s media library, which will become the centre of a territorial cultural network.

The signing of the Local Arts Education Contract (CLEA) of the city

The DRAC supports the local authorities, especially the inter-communal communities in rural areas, in their territorial cultural development through a CLEA lasting 3 years.

The DRAC will accompany the territory throughout the duration of the contract, which is 3 years.

This support is up to €35,000 for the first year for actions such as: the territory residency in circus arts with the Croche Company, the support of the position of territorial coordinator and finally the development of the EAC course.

A call for projects is underway for next year in order to welcome an artistic company in residence of territory around the aesthetics of dance.

The Territorial Contract-Reading (CTL) of the Pays de Chantonnay

Since 2010, the CTL is one of the contractualisation tools offered by the State to local authorities in the context of public reading.

Through a framework agreement, Le Pays de Chantonnay has committed itself for a period of 3 years, possibly renewable. The signing of this contract aims to support the Pays de Chantonnay in its policy of access to reading for all, strengthen partnerships between the various stakeholders in the book industry and structure the city’s municipal and intercommunal public reading networks.

The DRAC supports actions defined in the CTL through annual project grants.

The actions provided for in the CTL correspond to those developed in the CLEA. Once put in coherence, these initiatives aimed at school audiences will gain visibility and efficiency.