60 museums will open their doors in our territory on Saturday, May 13, 2023

An unprecedented cultural event

For this 19th As a free edition, the museums will open their doors from nightfall until around midnight, allowing the public to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Guided thematic tours, fun tours, film screenings, temporary exhibitions, meetings, readings, concerts, tastings, demonstrations of know-howmake and exceptional animations will allow the public to experience the museum both friendly and playful.

Unusual animations

A program offering cultural and original animations highlighting the collections and exhibitions of museums allows to arouse the interest of the public.

Each participating institution designs an event that brings together the talents of artists, professionals and volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Each one showcases, in an original way, its collections by offering animations to all audiences.

Thanks to these animations, the public discovers the riches of the different museums and makes new encounters at the same time. 

Museums in the Pays de la Loire

On the occasion of this 19th 60 Museums will open their doors, most of them free of charge, in the Pays de la Loire.  

They will offer a unique experience with more than 129 friendly, fun and quality cultural activities.

The European Night of Museums has attracted a large number of visitors to a growing number of museums each year since its inception in 2005. Success with young audiences is growing.

« The class, the work ! »

It is an artistic and cultural education operation offered as part of the national event "European Night of Museums". It is part of the student’s artistic and cultural education and aims to enhance the heritage collections among students and teachers. “Class, work!” is a partnership between cultural structures and schools.

It is aimed at schools (from primary to high school), museums in France, archives services and labeled structures since 2018 (FRAC, Centres d'art, Maisons des illustres...).

The Night of Museums is an opportunity for school children to present the educational projects carried out during the year, as part of "Class, Work!" which allows students to appropriate studied works and organize mediation actions in museums in France.