As part of the 2022 Cultural Summer, DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine supported the creation of (In)stable, the Tulle Bottom Theatre project. Seven young tullists discovered writing and directing alongside authors Laurine Rousselet and Aristide Tarnagda.

For the 3e and at the initiative of Marie-Pierre Bésanger, its director, the Bottom Theatre participated in the Cultural Summer with the support of the State for its project (In)stable. For the 2022 edition, it was a matter of transmitting the codes of theatrical writing to a collective of 7 young tullists during a 10-day internship in July.

Based on diversity, this workshop hosted a group of migrants whose unique history was shared. According to actor François Copin, The peculiarity of this group is that it doesn’t exist anywhere else. At least not yet. [They] are young people from different backgrounds who come together through theatre, writing and performance…”.

An inner reflection

For author Laurine Rousselet, the first issue was to study the interactions of each member of the team. To this end, she proposed choreographic activities and then invited the troupe to write a story from a cloud of words. As the process unfolded, each individual appropriated these stories and linked them to their own personal experiences. Mohamed, a member of the group, for example, offered the story of his journey after leaving his native Guinea. Young Aly described the adventure that changed his perception of the world, “This trip allowed me to wake up…while others are still sleeping…”

Living your story

Then, accompanied by Aristide Tarnagda, the writers turned into playwrights in order to give flesh to these texts by breathing life into the words on paper.

“That everyone may not only be heard but also watched and recognized”

The restitution of (In)stable was presented to the public on July 21 at the Salle des Fêtes de Saint-Pardoux-la-Croisille (19), the opportunity to screen the documentary dedicated to the previous summer’s project.