The association Opale, Resource Centre for DLA Culture, publishes the key national figures of the DLA Culture from 2004 to 2017, including 13% of the DLA made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with a focus on the DLA Culture in Gironde.

Created in 2002 by the State and the Caisse des Dépôts, with the support of the European Social Fund, the Local Support Scheme (DLA) allows the structures of the Social and Solidarity Economy employers to benefit from support in their creation processes, The European Union is committed to strengthening and developing employment.

The local support system (DLA)

The Local support system enables employers' associations, structures of integration through economic activity and other enterprises of social utility to benefit from tailor-made support in order to develop their activities, help them to consolidate and create or sustain jobs. This mechanism was created in 2002 by the State and the Caisse des Dépôts, with the support of the European Social Fund, joined by the Mouvement associatif. DLDs can be supported and financed by local authorities. They are supported by associative structures with varied skills and supported by sectoral experts. It is a public device present throughout the territory.

LHD Priority Targets

The targets identified as priorities at national level are the structures of the social and solidarity economy, including:

  • Small and medium-sized employers' associations
  • The structures of integration through economic activity
  • Cooperatives for social purposes
  • Enterprises in the protected and adapted sector

Opal, of resources on DLA and ESS support

The association Opal supports for 30 years the development of artistic and cultural initiatives through various actions: studies, support tools, exploitation of experiences, training, assistance in structuring networks, etc. Opale intervenes with the promoters of artistic and cultural projects, especially associations, as well as with the actors who accompany them: State, local authorities, networks, federations...

Since 2004, Opale has been carrying out a resource mission for the local support system. Each year, as part of its mission as a Culture Resource Centre for the Local Support System, it carries out an assessment of the cultural accompaniments of this program. See the article presenting the key figures on DLA accompaniments in culture between 2004 and 2017, with a focus on the year 2017.

The DLA and its partnersin the cultural sector: focus on the Gironde

The Institut de formation et d'appui aux initiatives de développement Aquitaine (IFAID), which has been responsible for the DLA mission since the beginning of the programme in the Gironde region, is providing collective support to the various actors in the cultural sector, by sector, designed as pathways for cultural structures in seed. It also runs a consultation space, the Cultural Sectoral Committee.

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The local support system and its partners in the cultural sector | 2004-2017

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