The project proposed by artist Anne Houel, as part of Mondes Nouveaux, was presented on Saturday, December 10, on the beach of Riva Bella (Calvados)

New Worlds

As part of the Recovery Plan, the Government wanted to devote €30 million to a programme to support the design and implementation of artistic projects carried out by young creators.

New Worlds, a device of artistic creation wanted by the President of the Republic in 2020, has been deploying for nearly two years, this program of support for artists, creation in the public space, for the benefit of passers-by, curious, amateurs, for the benefit of our fellow citizens.

One of the works selected in Normandy is that of artist Anne Houel. It is called TobrouK. It was inaugurated on Saturday, December 10 on the beach of Ouistreham in the presence of the DRAC of Normandy, the mayor of the city.

Mondes Nouveaux
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Tobrouk, Anne Houel

The project proposed by Anne Houel was one of more than 250 projects selected nationally by Mondes Nouveaux. Accompanied by the council of the DRAC and thanks to the listening of the city of Ouistreham (Calvados), Anne Houel, this artist graduated from the École Supérieure d'Arts et Médias de Caen-Cherbourg, proposes Tobrouk.

Tobruk is a monolithic sculpture in corten steel that represents the interior space of a small individual tobruk bunker. Installed on the beach and then covered with a mountain of sand, the work is initially invisible. This hidden presentation is a direct evocation of the very nature of the sculpture.

©Anne Houel

A negative architecture that reveals the invisible. As the wind shifts the sand, construction lines engage the public who are themselves invited to participate in this “update”

Anne Houel

Anne Houel was born in 1987 in Normandy where, as a child, she frequents the beaches and explores the bunkers-vestiges. She studied at Ésam de Caen (2006 — 2011) and discovered the modern and contemporary history of the city by observing the reconstruction
and deindustrialization. Since then, she has been interested in architecture through the prism of time and history. She works on both the scale of the model and the scale of urban spaces and draws her inspiration from the territories where she creates. The opposite forces of construction-deconstruction, of resistance and the point of rupture, of presence and disappearance, are the playing fields of his work which distorts codes and construction processes. Today, she lives and works in Neuilly-en-Sancerre (Cher).

©Anne Houel