On November 15, 2022, the Minister of Culture, on a trip to Troyes, visited Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral where the work on the south tower has just been completed. Carried out as part of the Economic Recovery Plan, this restoration, amounting to €1,042,013 (100% state funding), marks the end of the intervention on the western façade of the building.


Rima ABDUL MALAK, Minister of Culture, was accompanied by Angélique RANC, MP; Evelyne PERROT, Senator; Vanina PAOLI-GAGIN, Senator; Isabelle HÉLIOT-COURONNE, Regional Councillor; Philippe PICHERY, President of the Departmental Council of Dawn; Cécile Dindar, Préfète de l'Aube; Alexis NEVIASKI, Acting Deputy Regional Director of Grand Est Cultural Affairs; and Virginie THÉVENIN, Deputy Regional Director of Grand Est Cultural Affairs, in charge of heritage.


Arts and cultural education activities around the site

Juliette MOSDIER-PIERRE, engineer at DRAC Grand Est, responsible for the monitoring of the project, presented to the minister the actions carried out towards the public, especially those with the school, in partnership with the National Education.

The restoration work on the South Portal has been the subject of a major action to raise awareness of heritage and arts and cultural education. Equipped with a double platform, the scaffolding allowed small framed groups to discover, from the inside, the progress of the site.

In total, 2,300 people were able to go to the site and meet the various trades involved: 1,200 students and 1,100 adults. An unprecedented partnership between the Troyes Tourist Office and the DRAC Grand Est has made it possible to open the site to the general public, as part of visits organized throughout the year and during the European Heritage Days.



Michel TRUBERT, chief architect of historical monuments presented to the Minister of Culture the restoration program carried out on the South Tower.

The intervention focused on the correction of the health problems of the building related to time: a cleaning of the facings and the cut stones altered; the consolidation and the ragreage of the carved elements or the restitution of the guard-body present at 31 meters and restitution of some hooks or foliage. An operation carried out with a view to maximum conservation of the authenticity of the monument by limiting the replacement of works to altered parts.

A dozen companies intervened on the site, which also benefited from the intervention of building archaeologists.


In the cathedral, the Minister of Culture was welcomed by Bishop Alexandre JOLY of Troyes and Dominique ROY, Rector of the cathedral.

The cathedral organ is the subject of a restoration project led by the DRAC Grand Est. As for the cathedral treasure, which presents 160 objects, of an exceptional set of 260 pieces, dated the IXe in XIXe Since 2014, it has benefited from a new scenography.



Inauguration of the City of Stained Glass (Troyes)

The Minister then went to the Stained glass city or she inaugurated this new equipment dedicated to the art of stained glass, in all its dimensions.


Scientific, cultural, educational and tourist project, carried by the department of Aube, the city of Vitrail is a place to exhibit and explain the art of stained glass, a place for restoration and enhancement and a place for study and research for professionals.

Thematic exhibitions and works from loans from museums, artists or the Ministry of Culture-DRAC Grand Est, and educational space complete the equipment.

Restoration of the South Tower of Troyes Cathedral


€1,042,013 including taxes : 100% State financing, including €1,005,082 under the «Cathedral Plan» measure of the Economic Recovery Plan.

Construction duration
16 months (18 months initially planned)

Mastery d'work

Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Grand Est (Regional Conservation of Historical Monuments).

Mastery work

Michel Trubert, Chief Architect of Historical Monuments - Trubert Architects Agency.