From 1 to 11 June, AY-ROOP offers increasingly hybrid and innovative circus forms.

AY-ROOP corresponds to the onomatopoeia scanned during the insertion of the clamps and the towing of the guy wires, the hoist of the circus assemblers when they install the capital.
Since 2005, the AY-ROOP association has resonated «Cirque en Création» and «Cirque et Territoires», developing a global project in favour of circus arts.
In 2016, the association was labeled Scène de territoire for the track arts by the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) of Brittany.

For the tenth edition of its festival supported by the DRAC Bretagne, the AY-ROOP team offers 11 shows on several sites of the Rennes metropolis in 28 performances. A nose walk, accompanied by the Volkanik band, will take place on the last day of the festival.

The alchemy of the programming and the public success of these nine previous editions, in theatres, under marquees, in the streets, on squares and even in the subway, make this Fort a “must-see” event on the local and national cultural scene.

Teaser festival AY-ROPP 2023

The trapeze artist, singer, self-taught from La June Cie, supported by DRAC Bretagne under the 2023 production aid, offers "Asthma Furiosa".

Asthma Furiosa - La June© La June.jpeg

Asthma Furiosa - June© June

The Breton company Le P'tit Cirk plays a very British "Dinner for 1".

Un dîner pour 1 - Le P'tit Cirk © Wilfried Thomas.jpeg

Dinner for 1 - Le P'tit Cirk © Wilfried Thomas

The company Un loup pour l'homme, which has been set up by the DRAC Hauts-de-France, offers three shows: "Projet Grandma ou j'aurais toujours des rêves, maman", "Dans l'espace" and "Cuir".

Dans l'espace - Un loup pour l'Homme © Valérie Frossard.jpg

In Space - A Wolf for Man © Valérie Frossard

The eight voltigeurs and four musicians of the Akoreacro company, which has a contract with the DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, offer a circassian vaudeville "In Your Heart".


In your heart Akoreacro © Richard-Haughton

Mathieu Ma Fille Foundation (MMFF), supported by the Ministry of Culture, offers "In my room #3".

Dans ma chambre #3 - MMFF © Christophe Raynaud de Lage.jpg

In my room #3 - MMFF © Christophe Raynaud de Lage