The Recording of Live Performances Report prepared by Sylvie Clément-Cuzin Inspector General of Cultural Affairs and François Hurard Inspector General of Cultural Affairs. June 2022 IGAC Report #2022-12

The mission dealt with all sound or audiovisual recordings of shows and cultural events and auditioned more than 250 professionals for this purpose.

The report first sets out a history of the development of recordings and sets out the problems associated with them: a privileged instrument of cultural democratization and, for professionals in the live entertainment sector, a potential additional source of revenue as well as an international promotion and outreach tool. The mission traces the important role played by the captations during the health crisis.

The second part of the report is devoted to the dominant economic model of recordings, which is based on the obligations of public and private television channels and the aid provided mainly by the CNC. In particular, it is studying two recent modes of broadcasting recordings, namely platforms and livestreamon the one hand, cinemas, on the other.

The mission also focused on analysing the legal issues raised by collections, particularly in terms of intellectual property law, labour law and taxation.

Finally, the rapporteurs emphasise initiatives that would make it possible to make better use of live performances, particularly as a tool for arts and cultural education and as an element of audiovisual heritage, by promoting their discoverability. The last section of the report addresses sustainable development issues.

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The capture of live performances

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