Jean-Philippe RATHLE
september 2019
20 p.

In 2013, there were some 1.3 million associations in France, of which one in five declared a cultural activity, representing some 263,400 associations. Around 100,000 cultural associations 37% of the total) are in the performing arts sector, 65,000 in the visual arts and literature (exhibition spaces, workshops and artist collectives), 50,000 in sociocultural activities, 35,000 in cultural heritage and 15,000 in culture and arts education.

16% of cultural associations have a salaried workforce, whilst cultural associations as a whole employ 3.5 million voluntary workers. There are an estimated 200,000 salaried staff working for cultural associations, of which 77,000 are full-time equivalent workers, three-quarters of whom are employed part-time and 60% of whom are on permanent contracts.

Altogether, cultural associations have current resources worth 7.1bn euros, 84% of which are concentrated in employer associations. Among these 43,300 employer cultural associations, there are considerable differences in structure and operations. This study identifies four types of association, with very different characteristics: performing arts organisations (46%), those in arts and culture education and activities (33%), visual arts and literature (11%) and cultural heritage (9%).