May 2015
22 p.

France's 25,000 professional photographers have, over the last 15 years, been facing considerable changes related to new digital technology, which have redefined the practices of the entire profession. The changing ways in which photography is created, produced and disseminated have resulted in a deregulated photography market and a weakening of that legal framework which previously secured photographers' incomes.

This study is based on a survey conducted amongst a representative sample of 3000 photographers and on various interviews with professionals. It represents the sociodemographic characteristics of this expanding professional group (increasing by 37% over the last 15 years) which is being reinvigorated as the female proportion of the profession increases. It details the diversity of professional, legal and fiscal situations encompassed by the photographic profession and working conditions: market position, net incomes and changing photographic techniques.

Finally the study reports how professionals portray their profession and the future: for example the changes required to adapt to new technologies, competition from amateur photographers, and the expectations they have expressed with regard to simplifying business and taxation regulations, access to continuing professional training and copyright protection for photographers.