The new Vigipirate winter-spring 2023 posture is active as of December 21, 2022. It will maintain the entire national territory at the level of “enhanced security – threat of attack”.

Therefore, only the logogram corresponding to this level should be displayed:

The international context and the tensions expressed on the national territory invite to maintain a high level of vigilance especially for the establishments receiving from the public as well as schools and conservatories under the Ministry of Culture.

In the run-up to the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, a series of Cultural Olympiad-certified cultural events will take place across the country between now and summer 2024. These events, in addition to the symbolic value inherent in the sites selected and the actions of cultural democratization, may be particularly exposed to the terrorist threat due to their association with the Olympic movement.  

Cultural actors are generally invited to apply the preventive measures listed in the practical guides available online ( They are thus invited to strengthen their vigilance measures and to join the internal security forces (national police and national gendarmerie).  

In light of recent disasters, cultural institutions are encouraged to complete or update their Cultural Property Safeguarding Plan (CBSP). As the protection of cultural heritage is one of the objectives of the ORSEC system, the PSBC must be carried out in close collaboration with the emergency services and made available to them in the event of an intervention.  

Finally, managers are invited to take into account the potential consequences of a possible interruption in the supply of electricity on their security systems as well as the necessary adjustments in terms of security measures and procedures. Updated business continuity plans are required.  

In terms of cyber security, current international tensions are increasing the already high level of threat with criminal-type attacks (ransomware, for example) exploiting critical vulnerabilities. Cultural actors are urged to be very careful, and to apply the recommendations of the National Agency for Security of Information Systems (ANSSI).