The prefectural services and press publishers will find in this page the new guidelines for the inscription on the departmental list of publications entitled to receive legal announcements.

Media authorised to receive legal notices (SHAL), what is it? 

The regulations require that certain events related to the life of companies, local authorities or individuals be the subject of an announcement (called “legal announcement”) in a medium entitled to receive legal announcements (SHAL). This is the case for a company, when it is incorporated, when its statutes are amended, etc. Some public contracts launched by local authorities must also be the subject of such an announcement. Finally, for individuals, this is the case when a name change for legitimate reasons.

SHAL are press publications or online press services that have been authorized by the prefect to publish these advertisements in the department under the conditions detailed below. Legal announcements respond to a real challenge of information and transparency for citizens, especially as regards the life of businesses and, more broadly, the economic activity of actors in the territory.  The list of SHAL in each department is available on the Actulégales portal (

Enabling legal and judicial announcements: updated guidelines in October 2022

The purpose of these guidelines is therefore to guide the prefectoral services, in charge of drawing up the list of media authorised to publish ALLs in each department, in the assessment of compliance, by the media candidates for registration, the legislative and regulatory criteria governing the authorisation.

These guidelines replace the circular of 3 December 2015 on the registration of newspapers authorized to publish judicial and legal advertisements in all departments and in overseas communities, which is repealed.

Attention : the guidelines and their attached forms are updated in October 2022 for the empowerment campaign conducted in late 2022 for 2023.

On the occasion of this update, the prefectorial services are invited to be particularly vigilant regarding respect, by the press publications and the SPEL, of all the five cumulative criteria provided for in Article 2 of the Law of 4 January 1955 and explained in these Guidelines.

In particular:

- criterion 4, relating to the substantial nature of the volume of original general, judicial or technical information dedicated to the department and renewed on at least a weekly basis, requires a thorough and thorough examination by the prefectorial services of the application files of press publications and SPEL (cf. explanations below). This examination is to be renewed during each annual campaign, an authorisation issued in previous years cannot be automatically renewed.

- criterion no. 5, relative to the threshold of distribution (for printed publications) or attendance (for online press services): for 2023, it is envisaged that this threshold, in all departments, will be lowered uniformly by 10% (see below).


Applicable Texts:

- Law No. 55-4 of 4 January 1955 concerning judicial and legal announcements, as last amended by Article 3 of Law No. 2019-486 of 22 May 2019 on the growth and transformation of companies;
- Law No. 86-897 of 1 August 1986 on the reform of the legal regime of the press;
- Decree No. 2009-1340 of 29 October 2009 adopted for the application of Article 1 of Law No. 86-897 of 1 August 1986 on the reform of the legal regime of the press;
- Decree no. 2012-1547 of 28 December 2012, as amended, on the insertion of legal notices concerning companies and goodwill in a central digital database;
- Decree no. 2019-1216 of 21 November 2019 on judicial and legal announcements.


Download the forms for press publishers: 

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