For the 13th edition of its campaign for the donation “All Patrons!” , the Louvre has the objective of raising 1.2 million euros before 28 February 2023 to acquire a unique masterpiece of miniature art: a snuffbox made between 1770 and 1771 for the Duke of Choiseul, powerful minister of Louis XV and great collector of the eighteenth century.

Where can we see the Snuffbox Chlittle bird?

During the «Tous Mécènes!» campaign, the Tabatière Choiseul is exceptionally exhibited in the Louvre Museum, room 609, Sully wing, 1st floor

The Louvre has developed a site that allows you to explore the work in every detail:

What does this leader representwork?

The Choiseul snuffbox, 8 cm long, 6 cm wide and 2.4 cm high, was made between July 1770 and July 1771 by the miniaturist painter Louis-Nicolas Van Blarenberghe and the silversmith Louis Roucel.

On the six sides of the Choiseul snuffbox are inserted gouache miniatures of exceptional precision. Four of them depict different rooms of the Hôtel Choiseul; the other two depict the work of the Duke of Choiseul (1719-1785) at Versailles and the Grand Galerie du Louvre - in which the reliefs of the French strongholds were displayed.

Forty characters and more than seventy paintings are visible. For example, two paintings by the painter Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725-1805) are visible on the lid : The Offering to Love and the Kiss sent, kept in the Wallace collection in London.



Coably do un dwe?

Of the €3.9 million required for the acquisition of Tabatière Choiseul, the Friends of the Louvre Society has already brought a support of 500,000 euros.

In order for the work to enter the collections of the Louvre, the museum €1.2 million of individual donations before 28 February 2023.

By making a donation on this platform, you can choose to be thanked on the campaign donor list. But you can also choose to “dedicate your donation” to the person of your choice. This person’s name will then appear on the campaign’s thank you list.

The museum continues in parallel its search for funds from companies and foundations.

The words of Yann le Touher

Deputy Director of Corporate Philanthropy, Branding and Business Partnerships at the Louvre Museum
Yann Le Touher © musée du Louvre_Florence Brochoire (2).jpg


“Every year, thousands of donors mobilize for this “All Patrons” campaign that has become a rendezvous of generosity for French people who love their heritage. Classes send us their participation, grandparents take their grandchildren to the Louvre to see the work acquired thanks to their donation, it is an important patronage operation but above all a means of strengthen the link between the Louvre Museum and its public.”

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Who was the Duke of Choiseul?

After a military career, the Duke of Choiseul (1719-1785) became ambassador of Rome (1753-1757) and Vienna (1757-1758). From 1758 he was minister and secretary of state for foreign affairs, war and the navy of Louis XV, until his sudden disgrace in December 1770He then went into exile in his castle of Chanteloup, in Touraine, which he was not allowed to leave until after the death of Louis XV, in 1774.

Even if the circumstances of the order remain uncertain, the snuffbox illustrates so a pivotal period in the life of the Duke of Choiseul.