This guide for students of higher education institutions presents best practices in the identification, prevention and treatment of gender-based and sexual violence and harassment.

The promotion of diversity and the prevention of all forms of discrimination are essential issues in the functioning of Culture higher education schools, which must be able to guarantee a harmonious learning environment enabling all students to succeed and all students. In this context, the purpose of this guide is to identify actions that are not tolerable, particularly in a learning or work context, and to give tools to students who may be victims or witnesses of these actions. Its purpose is to make known the tools to prevent and specifically fight against sexual violence, but other types of violence and discrimination, equally unacceptable, can cross and even accentuate them.

It is above all a matter of sharing, collectively, and spreading a culture of equality, and of combating stereotypes, discrimination and violence, particularly related to gender or sexual orientation.

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Preventing and taking action against gender and sexual violence

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