Testimonies reflecting an unacceptable reality about violence against women are multiplying in all sectors. I wish to accompany these strong and courageous words with a very clear position and determined actions against behaviours that are intolerable: against impunity, the law of silence dictated to women by fear or a feeling of widespread guilt; against disrespect and submission. If the private sphere is concerned by violence against women, the professional world is at least as concerned.

In the cultural sphere, I intend to act vigorously and tirelessly.

I would like to remind you that, since January 2017, there has been an alert and reporting mechanism open to the 30,000 officers of the Ministry of Culture to, among other things, report any act of sexual harassment: “Allo Discrim” at 0800 10 27 46. In addition, the government has set up two emergency numbers (08 Victims: 0842 846 37 and 3019 Violence femme info) to denounce all forms of aggression or violence suffered.

I hope that the Ministry of Culture and all cultural institutions will be the spearhead of equality between women and men, which means access to positions of responsibility and the means of creation, by the end of the unbearable disparity in pay. It is above all through respect and awareness of the reprehensible practices.

I will ask all the directors of the 99 higher education institutions Culture (art schools, architecture schools, etc.), which train in the diversity of cultural professions, to disseminate to their students, an awareness-raising message on non-discrimination education and the rejection of all forms of sexual harassment. A training and awareness action allows both speech liberation and prevention. I myself will go to the students of one of our high schools to carry this message.