Study day dedicated to the conservation and restoration of natural history collections - 28 November 2022 - Auditorium Jacqueline Lichtenstein - Institut national du patrimoine - 2 rue Vivienne - Paris


The National Heritage Institute, the Métropole du Grand Nancy and the Permanent Conference of Museums of France are organizing a day of study on conservation issues-Restoration of natural history collections for conservation and restoration professionals and those responsible for these collections preserved, studied and valued in museums, museums and universities.

This day of study aims to address the question of conservation and restoration of museum collections both through the prism of the diversity of their materials and in the specificities of this typology of collections and the different meanings they convey.

This first day, which could open a series of meetings, will first deal with the drafting of specifications, the necessary and complementary qualifications, the transition to a regional scientific committee and the form of public procurement to meet the needs expressed by institutions.


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