The exhibition "Sol fictions", presented at the Centre d'art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec gallery, supported by the DRAC Île-de-France, highlights how species learn to compose together in the face of the consequences of climate change.


The fiction "Sol fictions" tells in different forms "spaces at the same time "haunted by pollution", refuges of silent plant species and vestiges of urban utopias generated by architects and urban planners of the years 1960-1970".


© Marie Ouazzani and Nicolas-Carrier

In late summer 2022, Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier have shot a fiction in several places in the North East of Paris: Noisy-le-Sec (municipal greenhouses, wasteland of the district of Merlan), Bobigny (Prairie of the canal) and an underground farm of 18e capital district.

imagine new ways to inhabit the Earth

In the space of The Gallery alongside photographs, maps and installations, this film tells "a story of the soil, the surface on which species – human, plant and animal – stand, spread, help each other and sometimes fall".


© Marie Ouazzani and Nicolas-Carrier

'In this panorama of undetermined temporality, the impact of climate change on the bodies and the capacity of resistance of the living can be seen. Perhaps in the image of these Tradescantia pallida – more commonly called purple miseries – which invade the rooms of this exhibition, and whose ability to acclimatize to environments constrained lets imagine new ways of inhabiting the Earth".


© Marie Ouazzani and Nicolas-Carrier

In their work, Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier survey, among others, the urban deserts of major metropolitan developments, infuse plants with evocative names and create climatic fictions. Oscillating between weariness, hope and irony, the duo of artists witness the burgeoning environmental crisis and possible new inter-species collaborations.

In partnership with TRAM, contemporary art network Paris/ Île-de-France

The Tradescantia pallida* is an easy to grow plant, which supports all situations (shade and full sun). The more sunny it is, the more its purple color intensifies.