The next Nights of Reading, organized by the National Book Centre on the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, will be held from 19 to 22 January 2023 and will have as its theme "fear", with a highlight on Saturday 21 January. Going to books, the great book festival for youth, will be held all over France, from 22 June to 23 July 2023 around the theme of "freedom".

Reading nights


You are a librarian, bookseller, work in a museum, a theatre, a school or university, a penitentiary or social medicine? Take advantage of the Nights of Reading to celebrate, through your structure, the pleasure of reading and sharing the thrill of reading!

Registration for the 2023 edition is open. This year, the tools of the event are evolving! To register, we invite you to visit the organizing space the site. It is technically possible to add events until the day before the event. However, we advise you to register before 6th December to benefit from optimal visibility in the various communication tools (press kit and other media) and receive the communication kit well in advance. By registering, you will be listed on the official online program card, will receive a free communication kit (within the limits of available stocks) and will have the possibility to request Check Read.

Go to Book

Going Book frees books from the shelves to meet young audiences in their places and leisure time, in order to transmit the pleasure of reading to children, adolescents and their families, through a great tour of the «livrodrome» and thousands of events that will be held throughout France. In 2023, Going Book will begin on June 22, to allow participants to create a link between the end of the school period and the start of the big holidays. The festival will end on July 23.

The call for projects is open

To support the best initiatives, the CNL launches until February 1, 2023 its call for projects that allows for any type of structure (municipality, association, bookshop, library, media library, cultural and sports centre, school, entertainment centre, performance hall, etc.) to present a project to obtain a label, financial support from the CNL for its event, up to 70% of the costs of “literary activities” (see conditions).

In 2022, 210 projects were supported. Applications are submitted exclusively online through a Request for Assistance Portal.

Particular attention will be paid to projects which have a ' Reading as a Factor of Social Inclusion”. The homeless of projects, the development of reading aloud and practice workshops will also be valued.