Exhibition "L'Univers sans l'Homme: Les arts en quête d'autres mondes" proposed by the Valencia Museum (26) labeled exhibition of national interest.

The Museum of Art and Archaeology located in Valencia in the Drôme has been awarded the label of the Ministry of Culture «exhibition of national interest» for "The Universe without Man: The Arts in search of other worlds". It is a label to reward museums in France for their original and educational exhibitions.

The exhibition

During the 1859 Salon, Charles Baudelaire used the expression «the universe without man» to denigrate the realistic artists who were then interested in nature for itself. This exhibition is based on the critical reflection of the writer to recount the shift in the way artists look from the 18th century to the present day. More than 60 works - paintings, drawings, videos and installations - retrace their desire to move away from the human focus to take an interest in other components of the world and the living world, be it plant, animal, mineral, etc.
Contemporary themes such as the pandemic and its lockdowns, nuclear risk and environmental imbalances are reflected in the works, but the exhibition also seeks to offer new perspectives and “future valleys”., both inaccessible and promising, with a cosmic, telluric and poetic finale.

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The label

This label, created in 1999 by the Ministry of Culture, aims to promote and support exhibitions of remarkable interest organized by the museums of France of different regions. As part of the policy of cultural democratization led by the Ministry of Culture, it intends to highlight local issues within the national territory.

More information:

Website of the Valencia Museum

Address: Valencia Museum of Art and Archaeology, 4 Rue Saint-Didier, 26000 Valence

Dates of the exhibition: May 13 to September 17, 2023

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