Each year, the Guadeloupe Cultural Affairs Directorate (DAC) provides, through grants, significant support to several hundred cultural projects carried out by actors from Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands. This action is part of the strategic objectives set by the Ministry of Culture and the State in the regions, in partnership with local authorities. With the return to a cultural season that we hope will be rich and diverse, it seems more important than ever to keep the culture alive in Guadeloupe. I would therefore like to bring to your attention the main areas of action that will be supported in 2023 and remind you of the procedures for submitting applications.


In 2023, priority was given to arts and cultural education in the broad sense, aimed at young people and audiences furthest away from the cultural offer by:

  • promoting social cohesion and the economic dynamism of the territory through cultural life;
  • providing everyone with access to culture: young people in school or leisure time, residents of the city’s political districts but also of rural areas, people under the control of the courts or in health facilities, people with disabilities.
  • supporting artists, creation and dissemination, and preserving the model of cultural diversity;
  • implementing an innovative cultural policy in its modes of action.


In this context, arts and cultural education must play a central role. I therefore invite all cultural actors to provide, for any project, a component aimed at young audiences by intensifying the presence of artistic teams in the territories. Priority will have to be given to those who are furthest removed from the cultural offer and artistic practice. Actions that resonate with diversity - of place, age, gender, origin… will be welcomed.

In the field of creation, both for the professional sector of live performance and visual arts, will be prioritized structuring and innovative projects, setting up organizations, or tools with an impact in terms of synergy and development. Projects with innovative methods of design, partnership building, financing or intervention will be promoted. Within this priority, priority will be given to projects contributing to the structuring of an identified artistic sector (theatre, music, dance, circus...) and the networking of productions and broadcasts. Particular attention will be paid to artists' residency projects (creation, research and/or mediation), both in the field of visual arts and performing arts.

In addition, actions to develop regional cooperation in the Caribbean, particularly those involving Martinique, French Guiana and Guadeloupe, will be examined with great interest, as well as those promoting the international influence of Caribbean culture.

Finally, the intervention of the State is part of a partnership logic especially in view of the signing of the Visibility Pact: the projects must highlight the mobilization of the various partners of the project, in particular local and regional authorities and must reveal the various funders acquired or solicited.


 Submission of applications: modalities and points of attention


The letters of application for the grant must be sent to the Director of Cultural Affairs, accompanied, for the associations, by the single form "Application for grant, Cerfa n°12156*06", and the supporting documents provided for in notice no. 51781#4.

Consistency of supporting documents is imperative For an association in particular, the articles of association, bank account details and INSEE form must contain identical names and contact details.

For project promoters who have already received support from the DAC, sending a report on the implementation of the subsidized actions determines the admissibility of a new application.


You are invited to submit your applications by December 31, 2022 to:



on the website of the Ministry of Culture whereYou will be directed to the right form from the catalogue of procedures on the website of the Ministry of Culture: https://www.culture.gouv.fr/Demarches-en-ligne/Par-type-de-demarche

The DAC budget programming will be prioritized to support the files received by that date. Project promoters will be able to take up the DAC before finalizing their project. Files received after this date will be considered in a second stage, depending on any residual appropriations.


Attention : this does not apply to specific calls for projects that have their own dates :

- Decentralized aid for live entertainment: applications submitted until 9 December 2022  



- Workshop Installation Assistance (AIA) and Individual Creative Assistance (AIC), upcoming dates

- Calls for projects on a particular topic (e.g. media and information literacy, (MIL) etc.: upcoming dates



In order to help you prepare your file, we are pleased to offer you an information webinar that will be repeated twice to give you the opportunity to choose a date:

"Improve/ improve your grant application files (CERFA)".

Friday, October 28, 2022 from 9 am to 12 pm

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 from 2 pm to 5 pm


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