May 3, 2023 marks a new milestone in the partnerships between the State and the Dordogne in terms of cultural action. In the community of municipalities of Dronne-et-Belle, two new contracts were created: a Territorial Contract of Arts and Cultural Education (CTEAC) and a Territorial Contract of Reading (CTL), while a new Micro-madness was inaugurated in the department. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) reaffirms its support for equal access to culture for all inhabitants of the territory.

Landscapes, exprand emotions for the greatest number

Second contract of the kind in the Dordogne, the CTEAC of Dronne-et-Belle, entitled «Landscapes, expressions and emotions», testifies to the attention paid by the Community to the enhancement and enrichment of the cultural resources of its territory through multiple participatory actions that involve the inhabitants. Supporting the community in this process is a government priority. Arts and Cultural Education (EAC) promotes the emancipation and development of the personality of its beneficiaries. It contributes to their civic education, the formation of their gaze, the enrichment of their sensitivity, the construction of their critical mind and the full success of their training course.
By this contract concluded for the period 2023-2025, in partnership with the Departmental Council of the Dordogne, the State – DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine and DSDEN Dordogne – and the Community of Communes Dronne-et-Belle affirm their desire to generalize the EAC in the territory while involving local cultural and artistic actors.

Strengthen the network of public reading on the ensemble of the territory

The Reading territory contract (CTL) signed on the same day promotes and implements the partnerships between the Community of communes and the State around projects for the development of reading, supported by the libraries of the territory.
The two partners confirm, for the period 2023-2025, their shared ambition to strengthen the public reading network of the Community territory. The aim is to develop a coherent range of services and to make the media libraries a privileged tool for equal access to culture and for promoting cultural and artistic dynamics.

A 5e Micro-madness in Dordogne

This day ends with the inauguration of a Micro-madness in Brantôme-en-Périgord, bringing the number of digital museums in the department to 5, on the 28the digital museum deployed in Nouvelle-Aquitaine by the public establishment of La Villette.
Supported by the State, supervised by the Ministry of Culture and accompanied by La Villette, the Micro-Folie device consists in integrating a Digital Museum at the heart of an already existing equipment. Additional modules – such as a FabLab, virtual reality stations, or a stage space – can complement the Micro-Food offering. Located as close as possible to the inhabitants and especially in rural areas, these local cultural platforms are a real tool at the service of Arts and Cultural Education (EAC).


The Contract territorial of Arts Education and cultural (CTEAC)

The Territorial Contract of Arts and Cultural Education (CTEAC) is a program of actions of education and awareness of arts and culture. With the objective of generalizing arts and cultural education, the CTEAC promotes the design, coordination and dissemination of artistic, cultural and educational projects in the territories.

The territorial contracte-readinge (CTL)

Created in 2010 for a period of three years, the Contract territoire-lecture (CTL) promotes and implements partnerships between the State and local authorities around projects to develop reading, supported by libraries in the territories.