This aid concerns the creation of shows in the circus arts sector. 2022 Assistance Application Packages will need to be forwarded to the Companies’ Reference DRAC as soon as possible and no later than February 15, 2022.

The eligibility criteria

This aid concerns the creation of shows in the circus arts sector. Applications are submitted by professional creative structures, including circus arts companies, or delegated producers to whom the artist(s) will have delegated by contract responsibility for the implementation of the project.

The same project owner (artist or company) can only apply for one grant per calendar year. He cannot receive such aid two years in a row, regardless of the project. It may not submit a new application for aid for a project which has already been the subject of an unfavourable opinion under this scheme in the previous five years. This aid may be combined with support under ordinary law (project aid or DRAC agreements).

The analysis and evaluation criteria

The dossiers presented should explain the intentions and artistic intentions of the project. Attention will be paid to the following aspects:

  • the originality of the project and its contribution to the diversity of creation;
  • the inclusion of the project in the overall approach of the company and/or the artists in their careers;
  • the artistic team and any collaborations requested;
  • the circus techniques used and their involvement in the artistic purpose of the project;
  • the choice of scenic space (circular, frontal, semi-circular, under capitals, indoor, outdoor, etc.);
  • the scale of the project in view of its artistic ambition, production methods and the skills implemented. Support is provided for projects whose scale requires additional support in addition to the appropriations allocated under the common law support framework (project aid or contract);
  • the project’s dissemination prospects and economic viability (a tour forecast must be attached to the file);
  • the project implementation conditions (rehearsals, residences...) and salary policy;
  • the assembly of the production (co-productions, various support...). The budget presented must include resources other than the aid requested from the State, the latter must not be majority. Particular attention will be paid to projects whose co-producers are multiple and spread across the national territory.

Assessment and decision-making bodies

Applications for assistance are filed by the companies with the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC), whose head office is responsible. All applications are examined, with the advice of the DRAC adviser, by a committee of experts which meets at national level. The Committee of Experts, composed of eight qualified personalities, responsible for the whole territory, chosen because of their competence in the field of the creative circus, gives an advisory opinion on the projects. Aid is granted by the drac. The list of projects selected is public.

Procedures for submission of applications: paper and paperless sending

The file must include: a letter of written request, an artistic and financial file, accompanied by the administrative documents and the attached summary sheet. All of these documents must be sent to the DRAC whose company headquarters are located, both on paper (1 copy) by post and also by electronic paperless means. The files must be saved in two separate folders: one for artistic and financial documents, the other for administrative documents; the summary sheet with the creation budget being saved separately. CAUTION: maximum size for all 6MO files, readable on windows 7 PC. Avoid sending folders by email, and prefer the use of a folder download platform. Incomplete files will not be revieweds.

Schedule of implementation of the scheme

Les application files 2022 aid must be transmitted to DRAC companies as soon as possible and no later than February 15, 2022.

The files, with the advice of the theatre advisors, will then be forwarded to the DGCA Theatre Delegation.

The Expert Committee will meet at the national level in March 2022 and the results will be communicated in April 2022.

Balance sheets

The beneficiary has two years to implement the project, which is the subject of the aid granted. This period shall run from the date of payment of the appropriations to the beneficiary. If the project is not carried out within this period, the recipient reimburses, upon request of the Ministry of Culture, all or part of the amounts paid.

A progress report on the assisted project shall be drawn up by the beneficiary one year after payment of the appropriations. An implementation report is drawn up three years after the first performance, in order to evaluate the distribution achieved and the audience affected.

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