Following the opinion in favour of protection given by the Commission régionale du patrimoine et de l'architecture (CRPA) meeting on June 24, 2021, Hilaire Multon, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs Hauts-de-France, signed by delegation of Georges-François Leclerc, Prefect of the Hauts-de-France region, Prefect of the North, the order for the inscription of the following monument as a historical monument, considering that it is of sufficient historical or/and art interest to make its preservation desirable.

Department of the North: Avesnes-sur-Helpe – extension of the city hall protection

The porch, the south facade and the roofs of the town hall have been classified since January 9, 1930. Following a request for extension, the RCAP considered that all the buildings that make up the building form an edilitary ensemble representative of the political role of architecture in the affirmation of centralized power in the eighteenth century. It also illustrates the adaptation of the typology of the city hall to the different functions of the edibles by the construction of the prison which later became justice of peace, and by a series of interior fittings of good quality throughout the nineteenth century.

As a result, the following elements have been inscribed as historic monuments:

            - rear and side facades of the main building 
            - The interior of the main building involved significant 18th and/or 19th century developments (on the ground floor, the vaulted rooms and the vaulted passageway; on the first floor the vestibule, the eighteenth-century chimney of the south-west room and the first half of the nineteenth-century chimney of the south-east room; the whole staircase and the staircase with its guard18th century body; on the 2nd floor the large hall with its grandstand; and the attic floor including the wallpapers imitating Cordoba leather and the wall library)
             - facades, roofs and exterior staircase of the building at the back of the courtyard
             - vaulted rooms and vaulted coachman’s passage from the ground floor of the building to the back of the courtyard
             - floor of the courtyard

This inscription for the title of historical monuments taken on November 16, 2021, completes the decree of January 9, 1930.

The protection procedure

The request for protection under a monument’s historical monuments is made by any person having an interest in it (owner, association, etc.). The protection of buildings, motivated by an interest in art and/or history, takes place after consulting the CRPA and takes effect after signing the orders by the regional prefect.   The buildings listed under the title of historical monuments are the subject of special provisions for their conservation so that all maintenance work, repair, restoration or modification may be carried out while maintaining the interest which justified their protection. Protected monuments are monitored by the Regional Conservation of Historic Monuments (DRAC)