On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Nicolas Georges, Director in charge of books and reading at the General Directorate of Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC) came to meet local stakeholders at the DRAC Hauts-de-France.

The director in charge of books and reading at the DGMIC had not had the opportunity to meet the stakeholders of Hauts-de-France since 2017. For one day, on Tuesday, October 11, Nicolas Georges went to the DRAC to talk with different actors of the sector of the region.

Public reading in the library

The morning was devoted to the theme of public reading in the library. On this occasion, Nicolas George, director in charge of books and reading at the DGMIC, Charlotte de Kermel, head of the office of professional networks and territorial action and Hilaire Multon, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs met with the curators of municipal libraries. These officers, provided by the Ministry of Culture, work in the classified municipal librariesThis included revisiting the agreements between communities and the department, which were renewed this year.


Nicolas Georges then met with the stakeholders of these libraries and those of departmental libraries whose importance he recalled. The discussions dealt with current events and in particular the law of December 21, 2021 Robert Act, relating to libraries and the development of public reading.

It was an opportunity to discuss the compulsory competence of public reading which falls to the departments and thus to affirm the mission of the departmental authorities to develop a plan of development of public reading. The same applies to public intercommunal cooperation institutions (EPCI) with competence in the field of public reading.

The morning ended with a dialogue on the life of municipal libraries, especially after COVID19, to inform the reflections of the Ministry of Culture.

Literary events and reflection on the place of authors

During the afternoon, Nicolas George, Charlotte de Kermel and Arielle Fanjas, Deputy Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, resumed discussions with local actors around literary events. In particular, the role of authors in these literary events and their remuneration were discussed. A reflection initiated since the 2020 Root Report which testifies to the increasing fragility of the living conditions of artist authors. The Department’s Book and Reading Service was keen to remind communities of the importance of remunerating authors at these events.

Finally, the day ended with the successive meeting of the Agence Régionale du Livre et de la Lecture (AR2L) Hauts-de-France and the association On a marché sur la bulle, a regional resource centre on comics, to discuss their respective actions.