Tuesday, November 15, 2022, the 17 territories labeled City and country of art and history (VPah) of Hauts-de-France met for a time of exchanges at the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, in Amiens. Elected, VPah project managers, directors of cultural affairs and services of the DRAC inaugurated the first meeting of this kind.

Hilaire Multon, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, recalled the national issues related to the VPah label. The labelling procedure has been deconcentrated in DRAC since 2020. Franck Senant, Deputy Director in charge of heritage and architecture and Peggy Le Roy, Deputy Director in charge of audiences and territories, cultural industries, recalled the commitment of the DRAC Hauts-de-France to the territories.

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VPah-labelled territories all benefit from support from the DRAC, through the preservation and enhancement of heritage but also in connection with other policies, such as the Contrat local d'éducation artistique (CLEA) or the Contrat territoire-lecture (CTL). 

This event was also an opportunity to introduce the last territories that joined the network: the City of Art and History of Calais (2019) and the Country of Art and History of Santerre Haute-Somme (2021). The City of Art and History of Lille then presented its news, in view of the renewal of its label in 2017. 

The morning ended with a presentation of the regional digital portal, in conjunction with the Urban Planning and Development Agency of Saint-Omer – Interior Flanders.