Gateway 70 was inaugurated on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Guise. This third-place intercommunal labeled Fabrique des Territoires hosts a Micro-Food among its spaces.

This new third-place of the Community of Communes Thiérache Sambre et Oise (CCTSO) is located in the city centre of Guise, in the former abandoned social center that was rehabilitated to host the project. The work was carried out by the architect Pierre Duhan of the cabinet 5cinq architecture, in connection with the Architect of the Buildings of France and the services of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC). The project was financially supported by the State, the Region, the Department of Aisne and the CAF of Aisne. 

Within its 600 m2, the Passerelle 70 will host various spaces and services related to training and coworking. Among these spaces, there is also a micro-madness integrated into a modular audiovisual space of more than 80 m2, which will offer different activities: digital museum, events, conferences, debates, etc.


In November 2022 and for six months, the third place of the CCTSO organizes Cultural Saturdays, dedicated to the cultural awakening and writing of a collaborative project of a music festival; a project to which will be associated inhabitants and artists and cultural equipment such as Micro-Food. The music groups, The Tiki Sisters and The Buns are committed to conducting different workshops, to produce artistic gestures with audiences and more particularly with young audiences and teenagers to allow the appropriation of current music, composition, writing etc... These workshops will have a purpose in the La Ronde des briques festival project. 

These actions are part of a foreshadowing of a Culture-Rurality contract led by the community of municipalities, following the project of territory, coordinated by the Familistere de Guise, in connection with the services of the DRAC and the academic region of Amiens.