At the school of Braine (Aisne), the regional director of cultural affairs and the rector of the academy of Amiens support the commitment of the community of Communes Val de l'Aisne, the first EPCI to obtain the label "100% EAC" in Hauts-de-France and sign a new culture-3-year rurality, entitled “Mirrors of Time”.

Proposed by the Hauts-de-France Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate in partnership with Education Nationale, this measure is part of a desire to promote access to culture to the greatest number, taking into account the singularities and particularities of rural territories.

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After a first culture-rurality contract signed in 2017, recognized by the State for the quality of its approach and having led to the obtaining of a «100% EAC» label, the Community of Communes Val de l'Aisne (CCVA) wishes to again involve the territorial partners in the development of a strong cultural dynamic.

Thierry Routier, President of the Val de l'Aisne Community of Communes, Raphaël Muller, Rector of the Academy of Amiens and Hilary Multon, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, met Friday, March 31, 2023 at the Gaston Costeaux elementary school in Braine to sign a new culture-rural convention in the presence of the mayor of the Commune, FRançois Rampelberg, the Director of Departmental Services of the National Education of Aisne, Catherine Albaric-Delpech and the principal of the school, Emmanuel Belhomme.

It accompanies territorial, structuring and unifying projects for coherent actions involving the inhabitants and especially the young people in the framework of artistic and cultural education. It thus participates in the cultural development of the territory in connection with the local authorities.

This highlight was marked by the presentation of past and current residences that also led this territory to obtain the “100% EAC” label, that of the work done by the students of the school and college Alan Seeger de Vailly-on-Aisne and an exchange with representatives of the rural home and rural mayors who have hosted residence-mission times.


2023 03 31 _ DRAC Hauts-de-France _ Signature contrat culture ruralité CC Val de l'aisne _Hilaire Multon 2.jpg

The culture-rural contracts aim to develop a concerted policy for arts education and territorial cultural action in rural areas. These contracts bring together public intercommunal cooperation institutions (EPCI), state services and their partners, in dialogue with the cultural, educational, pedagogical and social actors of the territory, inviting artists of all artistic fields to meet the inhabitants, in all their time of life.
This contractualised partnership dynamic is organized around arts and cultural education projects defined in each territory in connection with all the actors who compose it. The culture-rurality contracts also allow the exploration of specific rural issues with the artists selected.


The “100% BEC” label, created in 2021, distinguishes communities involved in a project aimed at providing quality arts and cultural education to all youth in their territory. This label is awarded by the prefect of the region and the rector of academy for a period of five years renewable after the advice of the decentralized services.
The “100% BEC” label stimulates a national dynamic to improve the visibility of communities' commitment to arts and cultural education.