High schools, middle school students, teachers, actors and cultural actresses, but also elected regional met on May 9 at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) for the unveiling of the awards of students of the Pôle BD des Hauts-de-France

On February 9, the framework agreement giving life to the project of establishment in Amiens (80) of the Conservatoire national de la presse and the Centre de conservation des collections of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) identified 5 areas of local cooperation: documentation and digital with the cultural operators of the territory; the technical trades of the conservation; the training in particular to the professions of the libraries; the valorization, circulation, dissemination of the collections, but also: arts and cultural education.

Three months later, on May 9, high school students from the Hauts-de-France region were invited to Paris, to the BnF (Richelieu site) to unveil the list of three major prizes of the educational department of the Pôle BD Hauts-de-France, promoted by the association We stepped on the bubble.

On this occasion, two round tables on the territorial dynamics at work in arts and cultural education (EAC) gathered around students, authors and laureates and publishers, Stéphane Haussoulier, President of the Departmental Council of the Somme, Anne Fumery, Vice-President of the Oise Department, Raphaël Muller, Rector of the Academy of Amiens, for a first round table dedicated to college students, and Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France Region and Arielle Fanjas, deputy regional director of cultural affairs of Hauts-de-France for a round table dedicated to high school students.

The BD Revelation Prize of the Lycée des Hauts-de-France

Created in 1999, the comic book award of the Lycée des Hauts-de-France received its 25th award in 2023.

Originally inspired by Chambéry’s Best First Novel Award, won over the years by authors as diverse as Juanjo Guarnido (2001), Kris and Julien Lamanda (2006), Marc Dubuisson (2010) Anlor (2012) or Claire Fauvel (in 2019), he takes between 500 and 700 young people every year on the paths of the 9th Art.

The BD awards of the colleges of Somme and Oise

The project in the Somme concerns 20 institutions (with in each three interventions of mediators of the Pole and a meeting with an author), and that of the Oise (called for the last time this year La BD c'est Wouaz') 10 institutions. More limited in number of titles, the selection is not limited to «young authors», and is adapted to the age of the readership.

The Awards

  • Comic book Revelation Award for high school students of Hauts-de-France: Insolent Hearts, by Ovidie and Audrey Lainé at Marabulles.
  • Prices of the Sum: Great Silence by Théa Rojzman and Sandrine Revel, published by Glénat.
  • Prices for middle school students in Oise: Janardana by Antoine Ettori, published by Delcourt.

The awards of the devices will be made by the students members of the jury during the school days of the Rendez-Vous of the Comic Strip of Amiens 2023, in the presence of the autrices, which will take place on Tuesday, May 30 for Great Silence and Thursday, June 1 to Insolent Hearts. The price of secondary schools in Oise, Janardana, will be delivered by the students to Beauvais on June 9.

BEC: Art and Art Education

Arts and Cultural Education aims at the acquisition of a common culture, shared, rich diversity, in its heritage forms, contemporary but also popular as scholars.

In order to contribute to the formation and emancipation of individuals and citizens, in order to develop sensitivity, creativity and critical thinking, arts and cultural education (EAC) provokes the aesthetic experience (experienced through contact with works), the artistic experience (accomplished in the creation of a work, of a form, with its specific language), the critical experience (developed in critical distance, feedback on experience, linking with other fields of culture and knowledge) in all times of life, especially at the time of individual construction.