The Regional Archaeological Service of the DRAC Hauts-de-France publishes the 18th issue of the collection "Archéologie des Hauts-de-France".

Entitled «Compiègne, le quartier de l'ancienne école d'état-major» this 18th issue is dedicated to the excavations carried out on the site of the Compiègne Staff School in the Oise department. They brought to light remains dated from the Middle Neolithic to the contemporary era.

In this issue below, you will find a synthetic and illustrated presentation of this site.

It is also available in hard copy, subject to stock availability, upon written request from:

Mickael Courtiller
Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs
Regional Archaeology Service
5 rue Henri Daussy CS 44407
80044 Amiens Cedex

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18th issue of the collection Archéologie des Hauts-de-France

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