An orchestra at school brings together all the students of the same elementary or college class around a common project: the creation of an orchestra that will grow, evolve, flourish for three years. Each orchestra at the school is a musical and educational project. This call for projects is part of the theme "Arts and Cultural Education".

Presentation of the device

What is the "Orchestra at School" call for projects?

"Orchestra at school" is an artistic and cultural device deployed in French schools and colleges for twenty years. It is part of the agreement signed on February 27, 2017 between the Ministries of Culture, National Education and the association "Orchestra at school".

"Orchestra at school" is the result of a territory project involving a school (primary or middle school), a certified conservatory or an accredited music school and if possible a local authority. The association "Orchestra at School" - National Resource Centre - accompanies those who wish, from the conception of the project.

Many professionals and resources are available to project leaders to support them in their efforts.

The association "Orchestra at school" contributes to the creation of orchestras in each city of France. It is not intended to label projects, but to accompany them:

  • at the time of their creation through assistance in setting up the project and purchasing instruments;
  • during their existence by promoting their sustainability through projects of musical representations, meetings, workshops or symposia.

Its website contains many resources to facilitate the assembly of an orchestra at school. It also provides tailor-made training and its mission managers accompany each step of the writing of the project (contact: 01 53 60 36 99 or

Les pedagogical advisors (1st degree) and IA/IPR (2nd degree) in music education accompany the educational teams in the formalization of the pedagogical project in which the orchestra fits into the school (coordinates on the websites of DSDEN or Rectorats).

DRAC Arts and Cultural Education Advisors and Academic Delegates to the Rectorate Cultural Action may, through their knowledge of artistic, cultural and heritage networks and their ability to connect, contribute to the development of the cultural pathway.

Objectives of the approach

"Orchestra at school" is a project of artistic and cultural territory but also educational, social and citizen. It is based on the teaching, in school time, of collective instrumental practice to children and adolescentsEach orchestra brings together a group of elementary or college students for an average of three years.

Instrumental practice must be part of a global artistic and cultural education project, it is therefore hoped that an annual cultural discovery course, radiating if possible on several classes of the school during school time, artistic, cultural or heritage outings (concerts by professional ensembles, visits to violin making workshops, venues for live performances such as a concert hall or opera, etc.) combined with the work done in an orchestral workshop.

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Examples of projects previously supported

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A question?

If you have any questions about the Orchestre à l'École en Grand Est call for projects, please contact DRAC Grand Est and the Rectorats, whose contacts are listed below:

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